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About Us


The Story

  This story began with two Navy veterans who fell in love with the town of St. Clair and decided to call it their home port, to which The Anchor Point Bistro was established. 



Eating out should be an EXPERIENCE!!!

 The Anchor Point (TAP) Bistro strives to be a universally respected heartier / healthier food alternative to an overly saturated fast food environment. TAP’s intent is to allow our patrons alternatives, to do this we’ve created a menu that includes some of the more traditional items while adding a variety of unique foods that tailor to the pure natural single ingredient recipes.

This mix of old and new, is our way of satisfying our patrons, their unique food desires and creating an experience for all to enjoy!   ⚓


Live, Laugh, Love, EAT / DRINK!

The Anchor Point Bistro will tailor to the ever growing homemade, fresher ingredient paradigm. This fast growing movement has tremendous benefits to our health and well-being and our mission at the Bistro is to try each day to continue making alterations within to better provide our guest with the freshest product we can. 

Because we make most items daily :)  we at the Bistro know we will only be able to serve so much food before it is gone for the day! We hope our Patrons can understand and appreciate this, and we know that FRESH is the key! The Bistro will reset to the traditional days of customer service, where the patron felt comfortably tended too, and concurred that the level of service and product was worth your time and expense charged to receive it!